Partner With Us!

Do you sell wholesale products online, or dropship for your customers? We can offer ecommerce stores preloaded with your products. With our preloaded stores your customers will have an easier way to sell online, and your maintenance and support costs are reduced.  Reducing the complexity for your users will enable them to more effectively market your products, resulting in revenue for everyone involved.

Our stores preloaded with your products are kept updated with your inventory levels, product pricing, product descriptions, and images on a regular basis.  Stores are updated once a day, normally but we can update as often as every hour for high volume partners..

By partnering with us, you share in the monthly recurring hosting revenue for all referred customers.  We offer a generous 25% of the monthly hosting revenue to our partners and affilates for people they refer and purchase a preloaded store.

Integration with our system generally takes from a few hours to a week depending on the needs of our partner.  We have dedicated programmers who have experience importing all kinds of product feeds to make the experience as easy as possible.  We also provide an API for products feeds to be sent to our site.

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