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Still have questions? We want you to feel comfortable with our service and know what you are receiving before you make a purchase. Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns you may have. Online eCommerce Store Tutorial

What is an eCommerce Store and how do you use it for affiliate marketing purposes?

eCommerce stores have become a very exciting and new way of making a remarkable income on the Internet through affiliate marketing. When you own an eCommerce store that is dedicated to affiliate marketing, you will be selling products that are listed on popular websites such as or eBay. When a person comes to your website, browses the products and decides to purchase something, the website you are 'affiliated' with, such as eBay for example, will pay you a certain percentage, or commission, of the sale price of the item.

How will the website I am 'affiliated' with know when a customer purchases one of their products through my eCommerce store?

All websites that allow opportunities for affiliate marketing will require that you sign up with them to market their products, at which time they will assign you an ID number that you will enter on our site when you create your store. This ID number will be tracked by the affiliate store when a customer makes a purchase, and will therefore credit the commission to your ID number to make sure you are paid for the sale. ( will guide you through the process of getting your own ID number)

Will I be responsible for finding products for my eCommerce store and for shipping items to my customers?

No. This is one of the really attractive parts of affiliate marketing. With your eCommerce store setup by, all of your products and the prices are uploaded automatically from the affiliate website (i.e., eBay, Amazon, etc.). Your store inventory is updated multiple times daily, in some cases, every hour. You will never need to worry about updating your inventory, and the items are shipped directly from the affiliate store. You will never have to see or actually handle any of the items you sell.

How will I be paid the commission I earn through my eCommerce store?

Depending on the affiliate website you are selling products for; they will usually pay via PayPal or Direct Deposit. Payments are usually made once a month to your bank account you will have connected with your ID number.

If affiliate marketing using eCommerce stores is so simple and lucrative, why isn't everyone doing it?

Affiliate marketing is a very popular means of making money online; however, it does require work. After you have created your eCommerce store, you will need to drive traffic to your store by advertising. Many people expect that they can create an eCommerce store and people will magically come to it and purchase their products. The Internet is across the whole world! You have the 'world' in your hands, but you will need to advertise and market your products to attract consumers to your store. If you aren't afraid of some hard work to get it going, you will be successful! now offers an exclusive beginner's marketing and advertising resource to all of our eCommerce store owners.

Still have questions? We want you to feel comfortable with our service and know what you are receiving before you make a purchase. Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns you may have.